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Cape Fear Watch Dog Collar -Handmade on Cape Fear Houseboat

Watch Dog Collar - Commemorating the Cape Fear 1962 Movie Houseboat

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Bullheaded City Dog Collar With Fur and Watch

Fur Dog Collar With Watch for Dog. Handmade Dog Collar

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Watch Dog Collar

Tokyo Time Dog Collar - Kimono Fabric and Watch

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Watch Dog Collar

Gotta Regatta Dog Collar With Crystals and Watch

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Watch Dog Collar

Cozy Dog Collar With Fur and Watch

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Watch Dog Collar

Glitz Blitz Watch Dog Collar With Silver Bling and Watch

Example Frame

Watch Dog Collar™

Watch Dog Collar - With Spikes, Studs and a Real Watch

Your Dog Will Be Ahead of it's Time at the Dog Park...And well protected Too.

Watch Dog Collars in a Row

Some of Clazi's Dog Collar Watches for Dogs - Kiko Looks Them Over.

Dirty Filthy Stinkin' Rich Dog WatchDog Collar. "Money Hog Dog" Collar.

Harley Dog Owners Check Out This Real Coin Watch on Clazi's Custom Made Designer Dog Collar With Flames.

TUXN Watch Dog Collar - Bling Watch for Dog

This Bling Dog Collar With a Watch is flashy and Classy at the same time.

Latest Additions

Rich Dogs Dog Collars With Watch

Rich Dogs Dog Collars With Watch by Clazi – Go to: Clazi’s e-Commerce STORE for a Custom Made Dog Collar With a Watch Designed Into The Dog Collar for the […]

Newest Watch Dog Collar $45,000 for Dec 2012

Newest Watch Dog Collar $45,000 Cape Fear Dog Collar Video Dec 2012
Cape Fear Watch Dog Collar. $45,000. Fully equipped with Cape Fear Houseboat from 1962 movie “Cape Fear” a 30 […]

Video of Watch Dog Collar Styles. Music by Jeff Chaz New Orleans Blues Man

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