Newest Watch Dog Collar $45,000 for Dec 2012

Newest Watch Dog Collar $45,000 Cape Fear Dog Collar Video Dec 2012

Cape Fear Watch Dog Collar. $45,000. Fully equipped with Cape Fear Houseboat from 1962 movie “Cape Fear” a 30 ft remodeled Houseboat. Oh so unique and glamorous too; The houseboat AND dog collar both. Contact Clazi for more info. Cape Fear houseboat is located in San Francisco area.
Cape Fear WatchDog Collar- Made on Cape Fear Houseboat with same materials as used in houseboat remodel.

                           Watch Dog Collar $45,000 for Dec 2012

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  1. shana says:

    oh yeah, now thats what like! why didn’t I think of it? Hope to watch you grow!

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